Reusable packaging & load carriers


Load carriers make it possible to compress goods of the same type into a load unit, i.e. to store or transport them as space-savingly and safely as possible during handling.
Load carriers ensure a clear, efficient, fast and safe transport of goods, both within the company and in external logistics. Your products or components are transported safely from one production site to another or even stored. This solution is developed to fit perfectly and usually combines different materials - for safe and protected transport of the goods. Load carriers are used in the automotive sector for internal plant transports, in medical technology, aerospace and other industrial sectors.

Packaging development

When developing the packaging solution for your individual load carrier or reusable packaging, we pay special attention to customer and product-specific requirements. This begins with the wishes and needs of the customer, their internal logistics processes and other circumstances, such as existing transport containers.


  • Sind KLTs oder GLTs vorhanden?
  • Wird eine spezielle Behälterlösung (Sonderladungsträger (SLT)) gewünscht?
  • Ist das Produkt/Bauteil unförmig, kratzempfindlich, zerbrechlich, usw.?
  • Stapelbar, spritzwasser-geschützt, einfache Bestückung, mühelose Entnahme, uvm.?


  • cost saving through multiple use
  • also available in small quantities
  • easy handling and rational storage
  • durability
  • completely recyclable solution possible
  • sustainable packaging through optimised use of resources

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