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Reusable packaging and load carriers

What are reusable packaging or load carriers?

Load carriers make it possible to compress goods of the same type into a load unit, i.e. to store or transport them as space-savingly and safely as possible during handling.
Load carriers ensure a clear, efficient, fast and safe transport of goods, both within the company and in external logistics. Your products or components are transported safely from one production site to another or even stored. This solution is developed to fit perfectly and usually combines different materials – for safe and protected transport of the goods. Load carriers are used in the automotive sector for internal plant transports, in medical technology, aerospace and other industrial sectors.

Advantages of reusable packaging / load carriers

Cost-saving due to multiple use

Also available in small quantities

Easy handling and efficient storage


Completely recyclable solution possible

Sustainable packaging through optimized use of resources

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Whenever there are numerous and regular movements of goods within a company or between companies, it makes sense to use reusable packaging. These can be integrated into automated processes and thus reduce the time required for transportation. Packing, transporting, storing and unpacking the goods is optimized and in many cases runs more quickly than comparable processes with disposable packaging.



The most important advantage of load carriers is obvious: they have an extremely long life cycle. This clearly distinguishes them from disposable packaging, which – as the name suggests – can only be used once. To achieve this life cycle, they must of course be robust and stable. This quality of packaging ensures that the goods being transported are reliably protected. The one-off investment in packaging solutions therefore remains profitable for years.

However, reusable packaging offers great advantages not only economically, but also ecologically: There is no need to stockpile and dispose of disposable packaging, so there is much less waste that harms the environment. Another plus point is the design – reusable packaging is often foldable, collapsible or stackable to enable convenient return transportation or space-saving storage.

Saving material, minimizing costs, optimizing processes – these are just some of the advantages that reusable packaging or load carriers with foam offer in industry and retail. Our customized packaging solutions are precisely tailored to the goods being transported and are extremely durable. Find out more about large and small load carriers for a wide range of sectors here!



Reusable packaging is used in many different areas. The best-known examples include Euro pallets and returnable bottles, which we regularly encounter in everyday life. Basically, it can be said that the use of load carriers makes sense wherever goods are frequently shipped between manufacturers and retailers or transported within the company.

In the automotive and supplier industry in particular, reusable packaging plays a major role in just-in-time delivery. Other sectors that frequently rely on such ecologically and economically efficient packaging solutions include the tool industry, medical technology, aerospace, electronics and electrical engineering.

How are reuseable packaging or load carriers developed?

When developing the packaging solution for your individual load carrier or returnable packaging, we pay particular attention to customer- and product-specific requirements. This starts with your wishes and needs, your internal logistics processes and other circumstances, such as existing transport containers.

Based on this, we produce the appropriate solutions for you, even in small quantities if required. If you wish, we can also develop packaging that is completely recyclable.

We clarify the exact requirements that your foam load carriers must meet with you in advance. That way, we can find exactly the solution you need. For example, the following information is relevant for planning:


  • Are SLCs (small load carriers) or LLCs (large load carriers) available?
  • Is a special container solution (special load carrier, SLT) required?
  • Is the product or component bulky, scratch-sensitive, fragile, etc.?
  • Does the returnable packaging need to be stackable or splash-proof?
  • Is easy loading, effortless removal, etc. important?

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Reusable packaging from Wetropa: Trays, large and small load carriers

The foam load carriers are available from us as KLT or GLT, among others. We produce large load carriers, for example, as mesh boxes in which larger components can be shipped. The foam is tailored exactly to your needs so that your goods reach their destination safely.

Another high-quality packaging solution is our Wetro-Tray. This is provided with toothed strips or moldings made of PE foam. It is stackable and thus very space-saving. In addition, it can be ideally combined with KLTs, GLTs or SLTs (special load carriers).

Special load carriers for special requirements

Our standard containers presented above cover a wide range of areas. However, if these are ever insufficient, we will manufacture a special solution for you that meets all your requirements. Our Wetro Box (SLT) is manufactured to fit your products and processes. It has contour-cut toothed strips, fixings or inserts made of PE foam and is used in the aviation or automotive industries, for example, as well as in many other industrial sectors.

An innovative stacking edge profile – Wetro-SuperDry – ensures that the contents of the boxes are well protected and remain dry even in the rain. The water is drained away to the outside and runs down the sides of the boxes. So you don’t have to worry about wet components or other components!

Individual design of your foam packaging

We will be happy to manufacture your foam packaging according to individual specifications for you on request. Do they have to be electrically conductive (ESD) or antistatic (AS)? No problem – we have the right foam ready to provide the appropriate protection. We can also personalize the design. For example, we can apply your logo or article number to the foam using WBS foam labeling if required.

Simply contact us and tell us your ideas. We will find the ideal solution for your foam packaging!


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