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Customized packaging solutions for medical technology products

Packaging for products in the medical and pahrma industry places particularly high demands on quality, safety and hygiene standards. A particular strength of the WETROPA-GROUP is the development and manufacture of individual foam packaging that meets these requirements. Secure packaging for maximum transport protection is achieved through multiple material solutions and material combinations.

Industry knowledge is the key to safe packaging solutions

The Wetropa Group is very familiar with the medical technology sector and has developed a deep knowledge of the industry through many years of professional cooperation with international market leaders. We use this knowledge in the development and implementation of medical technology packaging, which must meet numerous special requirements.

It is obvious that medical products have to be packaged particularly carefully and gently. These are sensitive products that usually come into direct contact with the patient and must remain in their original condition with maximum hygiene until they are used. They therefore require special protection.

Cases and foam inserts – classics in medical technology packaging


An essential component of medical technology packaging are individually manufactured inserts made of PE or PU foam. These accommodate the individual, possibly filigree and small-part objects with a precise fit and also ensure a certain degree of order and clarity in cases, containers and drawers.

The ideal external packaging for small and mobile medical technology products is, for example, an HPRC case, which is made of high-performance special synthetic resin and can thus withstand the toughest external conditions. Thus, the plastic case offers reliable protection against water, light, dust, acids and other environmental influences that can harm medical devices.

HPRC cases are also mechanically particularly robust, impact-resistant and break-proof. We realize proper transport of small medical technology, for example in the field of dentistry, by using individual foam inserts that securely fix all objects in their position.

Large medical equipment such as dialysis machines or oxygen cabins, on the other hand, are transported safely in structural or system packaging. The materials of these individual solutions are combined as required to create robust and protective packaging.

Medical technology packaging – Get advice from the Wetropa Group now

Medical technology products such as bone plates, pedicle screws and implants are considered particularly sensitive and must therefore be packaged carefully and protectively.

The Wetropa Group has extensive expertise as well as many years of experience in the field of medical technology packaging, which is characterized by an extremely high level of industry knowledge.

From functional and immediately available standard packaging such as plastic sleeves and HPRC cases to individually manufactured medical technology packaging, a wide variety of solutions are possible.

If you are interested in a professional as well as guaranteed safe packaging solution for medical technology products, please use our contact form and send a message to the medical technology expert team of Wetropa Group. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.









How do I package medical products correctly?

You should definitely leave the packaging of medical technology to an expert in packaging technology such as the Wetropa Group. We are familiar with the requirements of the industry and the products down to the smallest detail and support you with the design of a suitable packaging solution with appropriate packaging materials.


Which packaging is suitable for medical technology?

Medical technology products must be packaged and transported in a special way to ensure their functionality and hygiene. Depending on the product, special transport cases and foam inserts are therefore used, which can be suitably supplemented by individual packaging elements.

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