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Constructive packaging

Constructive packaging made of foam

For sensitive goods, simple packaging with filling material is often not sufficient. Other solutions are necessary here. For this purpose, we manufacture constructive packaging that is precisely adapted to the respective product. In this way, you effectively protect your goods from damage during transport.

What is constructive packaging?

Under constructive packaging we understand precisely fitting transport packaging with special protective functions for your product. The WETRO-Pack is mainly equipment packaging and protective inner packaging, which is made of non-crosslinked foam and is placed in a cardboard box.

Advantages of constructive packaging

maximum safety with minimum material usage

use of a material mix possible – where required

sustainable and resource-saving use of materials and processes

precisely tailored to the protection of your product

optimal solution for all requirements

100% recyclable foam packaging possible

Packaging design Wetro-Pack

The spectrum of these constructive packaging ranges from simple to very complex. The development effort should also be seen in the same light: From simple solutions that can be constructed quite quickly to calculated, complex packaging!

  • Sensitivity of the product (G-value)
  • Weight of the product
  • Drop height
  • Degree of deformation
  • Foam type
  • and many more

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Equipment packaging, system packaging and more

Constructive packaging can be manufactured in various shapes and for a wide range of applications. For example, we produce punch-fold, equipment and CKD packaging. Depending on the application, different variants are most suitable.

Punch-fold packaging, for example, is very space-saving and customizable. It can be used several times for products of similar shape and size, making it particularly efficient. Device packaging offers maximum protection with minimum material requirements. They are adapted exactly to the shape of the product to be protected. CKD packaging is used primarily in the automotive industry, but also in many other sectors. They often consist of several materials to provide ideal protection.

In addition, if required, we can construct system packaging designed for goods that consist of various components or different materials. Special packaging, for example antistatic or electrically conductive variants, is also possible. In areas where corrosion protection plays an important role, we also offer a suitable solution with WETRO-Corrotec constructive packaging.

Variations of the constructive foam packaging

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