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System packaging

Complete solution tailored to your requirements

We create a specially tailored packaging concept for each customer. All important factors such as size, weight and sensitivity of the packaged goods are taken into consideration. In addition, we also keep an eye on our customer’s logistics and their internal production routes.

Whether established or innovative foam materials – we reliably ensure the optimum quality of your packaging, no matter if reusable packaging, padded protective packaging etc., by constantly running checks and tests. In addition, we are always consistently developing materials and packaging solutions further – especially through the exchange and close cooperation with our customers.

Advantages of system packaging

precisely and optimally matched to your product

individual protection for all transport routes

mix of different materials to protect ALL sides of your product

System packaging – your product needs a mix

Your product is versatile and consists of several components and different materials? Then the packaging and protection should be just as diverse and variable!

The perfect solution for your product is developed and produced individually based on the product characteristics and the required transport route. Sometimes a – although well fitted and coordinated – material is not sufficient as protection. Your product is made of robust, solid materials, but also of fragile or thin parts? A mix of foam, cardboard and other components is the solution – you name the requirement – we show the solution!

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System packaging from Wetropa – complete solutions from the packaging specialist

Wetropa’s customized system packaging is exclusively geared towards your individual requirements. Regardless of whether you need small, medium or large quantities or whether the goods to be packaged are subject to special safety regulations – our individual packaging solutions are always tailored to your needs and functionally optimized. During the development phase of each system packaging, we pay particular attention to the protective performance of the materials, high stability and dimensions optimized for subsequent transport.

In this way, we can guarantee first-class protection against impact, corrosion and other damage to your products. Our extensive experience and our comprehensive expertise in a wide range of packaging materials and technologies lay the foundation for highly functional packaging solutions.

Smart solutions for optimum performance

Our system packaging has firmly established itself as universal transport packaging in industry and trade, for example in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology, measurement and testing technology, the solar industry and electromobility. Consisting of various components, system packaging offers the best possible protection for a specific transport good. A wide variety of packaging materials are used, from multifunctional foam to classic cardboard boxes and sturdy wood. The different layers provide the best possible protection for the goods being transported and also withstand external circumstances without any problems.

To make transportation as simple and efficient as possible, system packaging can also be designed as a small or large load carrier. While the KLT cannot be driven under and is usually used for small products or bulk goods, the GLT that can be driven under contains larger goods. The outer load carrier is usually made of a solid material such as a plywood crate or a plastic or Defender box, which provides the inner core with maximum protection. Specially shaped, contour-milled and precisely fitting PU padding, high-quality corrugated cardboard folding boxes and protective padded frames form the shock-absorbing inner part of the system packaging. Data loggers, which are used to check and track the contents, are planned directly into the system packaging and can be integrated into the inside of the packaging.

From needs assassment to assembly

Determination of requirements

Each system packaging is individually developed and tailored precisely to the subsequent contents of the packaging. This is achieved by selecting specific materials and producing customized packaging components. The starting signal for the development of Wetropa system packaging is a comprehensive needs assessment.

Our experienced team analyzes the goods to be packaged in terms of their dimensions, their need for protection and any special transport and storage requirements. This information is then used to design a multi-part system packaging consisting of various components and materials.

Design and structure

Once a rough structure has been designed and the material selected, the individual components of the system packaging are designed with individual dimensions. When developing special foam padding, we use modern software to calculate the absorption of external forces and to optimize the solution both functionally and to save valuable material.

In this way, the reusable packaging does justice to its contents, as it is individually adapted and optimized for the transported goods. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we test the performance of the newly developed system packaging as a prototype in order to ensure and optimize the protection factor. To this end, we carry out climate chamber and drop tests, the results of which are documented and certified by independent test laboratories.


The design and structure of our system packaging have therefore been finalized and sufficiently tested. Now series production can begin. For this, we rely on state-of-the-art machinery and a range of highly functional, efficient and sustainable materials.

Some of these materials, such as the sustainable foams in our ReFOAM product range, come from our in-house development department and are considered to be truly high-tech materials. Once the production of the individual components of the system packaging has been completed, the final step is picking and packing. We assemble purchased parts, which we co-develop as required and purchase specifically from our partner manufacturers depending on the project, with our materials.

Suastainable management with individual system packaging

As an innovative and future-oriented company, Wetropa places a special focus on sustainability. The three components Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are at the forefront for us. While our packaging solutions can always be used multiple times and our sustainable ReFOAM product range offers an extremely high level of recycling, our system packaging stands for maximum material savings in line with the Reduce principle.

By tailoring the packaging components specifically to the intended use, we can achieve a high level of protection even with little material and a low weight.

Instead of many unsuitable packaging parts that degenerate into a material battle, our system packaging provides you with a smart solution that is both more economical and safer. The use of particularly innovative and sustainable foam materials such as Arplank or Ethafoam makes Wetropa’s system packaging a real showcase for sustainable packaging solutions. Last but not least, our system packaging is designed as reusable packaging that is characterized by a long service life.

This not only saves material, but also significantly reduces the cost of the system packaging per use – a win-win situation.

Request an individual packaging solution

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Order individual system packaging from the specialist

Thanks to reliable system packaging, the transported goods can be delivered undamaged to their destination. If you are interested in individual system packaging from the Wetropa Group, please send us a non-binding inquiry. We will work with you to determine your individual requirements and suggest a packaging form and material selection.

Once you have given your consent, we will start developing and producing your individual system packaging in line with your requirements and in a climate and environmentally friendly manner, right through to picking and packing. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.

Variants of constructive foam packaging

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