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Pallet lid

Pallet lids – a protective add-on for load carriers

Pallet lids are important components in the field of packaging and logistics solutions. Made from impact-resistant and sustainable honeycomb panels, they are used to protect goods on pallets from external influences such as dust, impact and other damage.

Topdeck pallet lids made of honeycomb panels are placed on top of the pallet and the goods stacked on it to provide additional protection and increase the stability of the load during transportation or storage.

Honeycomb pallet lids in different sizes and variants

Pallet lids are traditionally available in various materials, including robust wood and lightweight, reusable plastic. Our alternative made of highly stable honeycomb cardboard meets the specific requirements of most goods and transportation processes. Wetropa pallet lids made of honeycomb cardboard are characterized by maximum stability with minimum weight.

Available in various standard sizes, a perfect fit is guaranteed for standard pallets and special sizes. The sizes are based on standard pallet dimensions, although individual custom-made products are also possible. The use of pallet lids also makes the pallets easier to stack.

Pallet lids play a decisive role in the area of system packaging. They can be part of a comprehensive packaging system that includes pallets, strapping, molded foam parts, stretch film and other securing elements.

This system ensures that the goods remain protected and stabilized throughout transport. Pallet lids therefore not only help to protect the goods, but also improve the handling and efficiency of logistics processes.

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Overall, pallet lids are an indispensable element for safety and efficiency in transportation and warehousing. As the top layer of the transport unit, they provide reliable protection for goods and are a key element in the design of effective and safe packaging systems. Our PaperCore pallet lids made of paper and water-soluble glue are sustainable as they can be used several times and are fully recyclable.


As your partner for functional, durable and sustainable packaging solutions, we at the Wetropa Group can support your project with suitable pallet lids made from honeycomb panels. From universal standard sizes to individual custom-made products – we have the perfect solution for your packaging project. Send us a message for a non-binding initial consultation.

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FAQ – frequently asked questions about cardboard pallet lids


What are the advantages of pallet lids?

Pallet lids made of honeycomb panels offer additional protection for goods loaded on pallets. They protect against dust, impacts, vibrations and damage during transportation or storage and increase the stability of the load. This contributes significantly to the safety and integrity of the transported products.


Which material is best suited for pallet lids?

In most cases, cardboard honeycomb panels are the best way to protect a pallet from above. The material combines maximum impact resistance with minimum weight. It can also be used several times and is fully recyclable.