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Transport packaging for works of art

Fine art works require secure transport packaging so that they do not arrive damaged at their destination. The packaging should be easy to handle and if possible not too heavy.
The Wetropa Group offers individual packaging solutions, but also standardized variants that are flexible in size, for example.

Transport packaging for fine sculptures

To celebrate the 200th birthday of Richard Wagner, numerous Wagner figures accompanied the 2013 Festival in the Festival Park and in the city centre of Bayreuth. The publicly and freely accessible installation consisted of 500 Richard Wagner figures in various installation colours. The 102cm high sculptures are made of weatherproof, unbreakable and non-toxic plastic and were manufactured in Germany using a rotation process. The Wetropa Group was approached with the following task:
The foam transport packaging used up to now could not provide sufficient protection. Many sculptures arrived damaged after transport, especially the protruding hands or fingers were affected and broke off. Also the figures must be easy to pack and the packaging should not be too heavy.

Excerpt from an interview


„Concentrated on one square or distributed in the urban space, my installations become like tangible obstacles. They are meant to trigger a reflection, a moment of pause. This would trigger the communication with society that I intended. The continuation, personal intensification or evaluation of my artistic offer is left to each individual. Thus the temporary presence and dissolution of the installation are also an important part of my concept. What remains are impressions, images of an intervention that has temporarily changed the cityscape and interrupted everyday life.“
(Ottmar Hörl)

Our construction department developed a new type of equipment packaging. This transport packaging system, a combination of cardboard box and individually manufactured foam packaging, with which the figures could be transported easily and without damage. Arms and hands were specially secured – since then all sculptures arrived at their destination undamaged.

Works of art are individual – the optimal packaging also

Each work of art is individual and must therefore also be treated individually during transport. While antiques are subject to special care regulations, custom formats are required for specially shaped sculptures and gentle materials for sensitive paintings. As our case study of the Richard Wagner figures shows, the Wetropa Group designs every packaging solution in the field of art and culture on an individual basis. This enables us to meet the most diverse formats, materials and care requirements of all kinds of works of art.

The Wetropa Group achieves this both by selecting the appropriate art packaging material and by combining several types of packaging. In a consultative discussion with you as the client, we collect all details relevant to the transport in order to immediately propose a suitable, individual packaging solution.

From the polster system to the box solution – art packaging at a glance

Depending on the specific requirements of the project as well as the individual wishes of the client, the Wetropa Group uses different art packaging materials.

Robust and custom-made transport boxes made of double-layer corrugated cardboard, stable chipboard or even secure sheet steel ensure high resistance to external influences. A cushioning system made of foam is attached to the interior of the crates, boxes or roll containers and provides additional protection for the exhibits inside.

As a specialist in high-quality and protective foam art packaging, the Wetropa Group produces the following protective elements:

  • Custom-made foam inserts that are adapted to the contours of a work of art.
  • Flexible corner and edge protection elements for optimal shock absorption

Constructively manufactured foam padding elements for maximum impact absorption.

Art packaging material – Get advice now from the Wetropa Group

The packaging and transport of works of art is a sensitive matter. For this reason, you should leave nothing to chance here and work with the Wetropa Group as a professional partner in the field of packaging technology. We know all art packaging materials and know exactly what is important in art packaging. If you are interested in customized packaging for your artworks and cultural goods, do not hesitate to contact Wetropa Group’s art & culture expert team. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.

The previously used transport packaging made of foam could not provide sufficient protection. Many sculptures arrived damaged after transport, especially the protruding hands or fingers were affected and broke off.

Also, the sculptures must be easy to pack and the packaging should not be too heavy if possible.



What packaging material for art?

Which art packaging material is most suitable depends on the work of art to be packaged. Classically, works of art are packed in a sturdy cardboard box or a robust crate made of chipboard, while the interior is cushioned in the best possible way by suitable foam inserts as well as flexibly applicable corner and edge protectors.


How do I package artwork properly?

If you want to prepare a work of art, for example a painting, a sculpture or an antique, for transportation, contact a professional for packaging solution. He will develop a custom art packaging for you, with which nothing can go wrong during transport.

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