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Edge protection

Cardboard edge protectors: robust, versatile and sustainable

The use of laminated cardboard for edge protection is an efficient method of reinforcing transport packaging and preventing transport damage. In this way, we offer protection against the toughest shocks, impacts and other damage, even at sensitive points of your goods.

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By integrating edge protectors into your packaging solution, you can ensure that your products are optimally protected during transportation and storage.

The advantages of our edge protection solutions at a glance

Our edge protection, combined with stretch or shrink film and strapping, provides first-class transport protection (internal link to the resulting product page “Transport protection”). The benefits of this solution are not just limited to protection, but also extend to improved handling and efficient storage of your products. In detail, our high-quality edge protectors offer the following advantages:

  • Replacement for expensive packaging materials
  • Savings on materials and labor
  • Environmentally friendly and globally applicable
  • PVA-laminated cardboard in organic quality
  • No additional treatment required
  • Optimization of transport space through stacked loads
  • Minimizes transport damage

Versatile quality options and adaptability

Our edge protector solutions are made from high-quality, recyclable cardboard and are available in a range of grades, including organic and heat-sealed variants. They offer many surface options to ensure your products remain undamaged. Custom printing and self-adhesive options are also available to meet your specific requirements.

Innovative solutions for special requirements

Our flexible edge protectors, ideal for rolls or round products, and our frame profiles offer tailor-made solutions for individual challenges. With EdgeRunner®, we also offer an innovative combination of edge protection profiles and Pallruns as an efficient pallet replacement that helps to optimize freight space and enables sustainable packaging solutions.

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Cardboard edge protectors are an advanced, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution that maximizes the protection of your products during transport while contributing to the sustainability of your business.

Discover the variety and quality of our products and benefit from customized solutions for your specific packaging requirements. Contact the Wetropa team for more information and customized advice.

FAQ – frequently asked questions about cardboard edge protectors


Why is edge protection important for transport packaging?

Edge protectors are crucial for protecting sensitive edges and corners of products from impact, pressure and damage during transportation and storage. It contributes to the stability of the packaging and prevents goods from buckling or being damaged under load.


In which variants is edge protection available and how can it be customized?

Edge protectors are available in different variants such as laminated cardboard, in organic quality or in heat-sealed quality. It can also be produced in self-adhesive or custom-printed forms to meet the specific requirements of different industries and products.