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Honeycomb Panels


Cutting honeycomb panels to size for individual packaging solutions

Individual packaging solutions can be realized particularly easily, functionally and sustainably with honeycomb panel blanks. Our advanced cutting technologies offer a wide range of cutting options that are precisely tailored to your needs – from classic custom cuts to CNC contour cuts and specialized V-cuts.

Request an individual packaging solution

Our paper honeycomb panels can be manufactured precisely to your requirements. This individual approach ensures that each packaging solution is perfectly tailored to your product to provide maximum protection and efficiency during transportation.

Maximum performance despite minimum weight – advantages of our blanks

Individually cut paper honeycomb panels offer a number of advantages as a packaging material. They are characterized by their lightweight yet stable structure, which is suitable for both small and large packaging tasks. Despite their low weight, they offer excellent stability in terms of protection against shocks or vibrations. Compared to a packaging solution made from classic corrugated cardboard, they weigh only a third as much.

We produce blanks precisely to your specific dimensions and can also implement individual cuts and mitre cuts. This makes them a flexible and cost-efficient solution, as no special tools are required for production.

In addition, cut-to-size honeycomb panels enable simple and safe handling without the risk of injury. Another significant advantage is that they are not subject to import restrictions in accordance with international IPPC regulations, which facilitates their use in global logistics.

Honeycomb panel blanks – a sustainable packaging solution

PaperCore honeycomb panels, made from pure paper and water-soluble glue, are in line with the principles of sustainability and environmental friendliness. One of the key aspects of their ecological advantages is their reusability. The robust material of the honeycomb panels guarantees a long service life and allows the panels to be used several times before they need to be recycled.

When it finally comes time to dispose of the honeycomb panels, they score points with their complete recyclability. As they are made from natural materials, they can easily be added to the paper recycling process, further minimizing their environmental impact. The use of water-soluble glue in their manufacture also means that no harmful chemicals are released in the process.

Order honeycomb panels cut to size from Wetropa

If you are interested in customized honeycomb panel solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to help you.

Wetropa honeycomb panels made from PaperCore are custom-made for customers in the packaging and transportation sector. This customization makes it possible to respond precisely to the specific needs and requirements of each individual customer in order to offer optimal solutions for the protection and transport of their products.

FAQ – frequently asked questions about honeycomb panels cut to size


What types of cuts are possible with cardboard honeycomb panels?

Honeycomb panel blanks offer a variety of custom cutting options, including full cut, V-cut and slit cut. Cuts can be made to individual dimensions and provided with incisions, miters and self-adhesive elements to meet specific application requirements.


How environmentally friendly are honeycomb panel blanks?

Honeycomb panel blanks are very environmentally friendly as they are made from pure paper and water-soluble glue. Not only are they reusable and robust, they are also fully recyclable worldwide, making them a sustainable option in the packaging and transportation industry.