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Transport protection

Effective transport protection made of honeycomb panels

Protecting goods along the entire supply chain is crucial to ensure product integrity and ultimately customer satisfaction and brand reputation. Transportation protection is used to protect sensitive products from damage, contamination or other risks during transport. Effective transportation protection prevents loss of material assets and helps to reduce returns and complaints.

Effective transport protection made of sturdy honeycomb cardboard

Honeycomb panels offer an ideal solution as transportation protection for a wide range of applications. They are particularly useful for protecting sensitive goods in industries such as electronics, automotive, art and furniture transportation, where their excellent shock-absorbing properties and high strength are crucial.

One of the biggest advantages of honeycomb panels is their light weight, which minimizes additional transport costs while providing robust protection. In addition, our environmentally friendly and sustainable PaperCore panels, made from recyclable paper and water-soluble glue, enable an eco-friendly choice for transportation protection.

Due to their versatility in application and custom cutting options, honeycomb panels can be effectively adapted to a wide range of product shapes and sizes, making them a preferred choice for efficient transportation protection.

Transport protection solutions made of honeycomb panels from Wetropa

Transport protection is an indispensable aspect of logistics and goods shipping. Foam products offer flexible and effective solutions with a low weight to get a variety of goods to their destination safely and undamaged.

Wetropa’s solutions in the field of transport protection are diverse. Pallet covers made from honeycomb panels offer a robust yet lightweight solution to effectively protect the top of pallet loads during transportation and storage.

Filling material made from honeycomb panels is ideal for filling cavities in packaging, thereby minimizing movement and the risk of damage to products.

An environmentally friendly and shock-absorbing solution to protect the sensitive edges and corners of packaged products from impact and pressure during transportation is edge protection made from honeycomb panels.

Request individual transport protection made of honeycomb panels

Contact the Wetropa Group’s team of experts for customized transport protection made of honeycomb panels. We will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation as part of an initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

FAQ – frequently asked questions about transport protection


Why is transportation protection important?

Transport protection is essential to protect products from damage, knocks, scratches and soiling during shipping. It ensures that the goods reach the customer in perfect condition, which contributes to customer satisfaction and protects the brand reputation.


What are the advantages of transport protection made of honeycomb panels?

Transport protection made of honeycomb panels is characterized by the decisive advantage of high stability combined with low weight, which makes it possible to protect sensitive or heavy goods during transport without significantly increasing freight costs. In addition, their environmentally friendly material composition of recyclable paper and water-soluble glue makes them a sustainable choice that is both ecologically and economically advantageous.

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