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The electronics industry is a fast growing industry in the digital age. The rapidly increasing demand, e.g. in the automotive industry, robotics, medical technology or consumer electronics, leads to increasingly higher demands on logistics. The WETROPA-GROUP and its products are ideally equipped for this task. Our ESD or AS foam inserts can be used to transport sensitive electronic devices and components with maximum protection against electrostatic discharge.

Protect electronic components with high-quality packaging

The packaging of electronic products and components plays a crucial role as it protects the product from damage during storage, transportation and sale. Electronic products are often sensitive and can be damaged both functionally and visually by external influences, for example:

  • Mechanical influences such as impacts
  • Constant vibrations
  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Ingress of moisture or other substances

Good electronics packaging protects the product or component from these risks and helps to ensure that it reaches the customer in perfect condition. In addition, attractive packaging such as a case with foam inlay can increase the attractiveness of the product and influence the purchasing decision.

Electronics packaging from ESD containers to foam inserts

Electronic packaging is available in various designs depending on the desired application and required protective function.

The Wetropa Group offers constructive packaging, antistatic (AS) packaging, ESD packaging (ESD containers, ESD small load carriers) and foam inserts in combination with matching cases.

AS and ESD packaging to prevent electrostatic discharge

AS packaging is made from antistatic foam, which prevents electrostatic charging and thus protects the packaged electronic components and devices from damage caused by electrostatic discharge.

The material owes its antistatic properties to a special treatment with an added organic antistatic agent, which prevents the accumulation of static electricity. Thanks to the typical light pink color, antistatic foams, antistatic PE bags and AS plastic sheets can be identified at first glance.


Expert tip:

The shelf life of antistatic foams is around two years. After that, the antistatic properties of the material can no longer be fully guaranteed.

ESD packaging, such as ESD small load carriers and ESD containers, is special packaging made of electrically conductive foam with added carbon. ESD foams are designed to dissipate any electrical voltage that may arise quickly and safely. They therefore protect sensitive electronic products during transportation or storage.

This also explains the abbreviation ESD, which stands for electrostatic discharge. ESD packaging is available in various sizes and shapes and offers an effective solution for protecting sensitive electronic products.

Are you interested in our foam packaging?

Precisely fitting foam inserts for sensitive electronic components

Foam inserts are custom-fit packaging that is specially made for sensitive electronic products such as computer or camera accessories. They offer a secure fit and therefore a high level of protection against shocks and vibrations during transportation.

Cases with foam inserts offer the best possible transport protection for sensitive electronic products. The foam inserts are made to fit the shape and size of the product perfectly. The hard-shell material of the case gives the packaging solution additional mechanical protection and a professional design.

Last but not least, constructive packaging such as device packaging and protective inner packaging is used in electrical engineering to provide additional protection for sensitive goods being transported. These foam packaging elements are placed in a cardboard box and secure the electronic product in this way.

AS and ESD packaging to prevent electrostatic discharge

If you are looking for a protective and reliable packaging solution for your electronic products, the Wetropa Group offers you a wide range of individually configurable packaging solutions. These range from special ESD and AS packaging and load carriers to custom-made cases and foam inserts.

Contact the Wetropa Group’s electronics packaging specialists to arrange a no-obligation consultation and develop a customized electronics packaging solution together.




How should electronics be packaged?

Electronic components should be stored and transported in special electronic packaging to prevent damage from shocks, vibrations, electrostatic discharge and moisture. Antistatic packaging, ESD small load carriers and ESD containers as well as custom-fit foam inserts are some examples of suitable packaging solutions.


Why do I need ESD packaging for electronics?

ESD packaging (ESD stands for electrostatic discharge) is packaging that has been specially developed to protect sensitive electronic components. It consists of conductive material, such as ESD foam, and prevents static discharges that can be caused by friction or contact with other surfaces and that could damage or destroy sensitive components.

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