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Cosmetics industry

WETROPA-GROUP offers manufacturers of cosmetic products sustainable packaging with individual design. We develop and manufacture individual foam inlays that show off your products to their best possible advantage in sales packaging, sample or presentation cases! Our developments not only ensure the right hold, stability and safety of the products, but also cut a good figure with their functionality, haptics and appearance. For this purpose we use a combination of aesthetic and protective packaging.
There are numerous possibilities for individualisation – whether different colour combinations or branding with your logo: let the total package speak for itself in your product presentation!

Individual developments or complete solutions

We develop our foam packaging especially according to the needs of our customers’ products. We offer individual developments as well as complete solutions. Our design team plans your solution using the latest 3D development tools to implement your requirements and ideas.


For our packaging we not only use conventional cross-linked materials but also more sustainable solutions such as Synergy Prime, which is 100% recyclable. This material is in no way inferior to classic materials in terms of appearance and stability. Let your customers know that, in addition to your own articles, you do not neglect the issue of sustainability in this area either.


Attractive product presentations for cosmetic products

Whether sample cases at trade fairs, staging in stores or in the packaging for the end product – cosmetics must be attractively presented in order to achieve optimum sales figures. Foam packaging is the perfect choice for attractive product presentation in the cosmetics industry.

The Wetropa Group’s tailor-made foam packaging and foam inserts not only offer reliable and secure support for your jars, tubes, cans and bottles, but also numerous customization options.

With various color combinations and the integration of your logo or other branding into the design, you can be sure that your products and your brand will leave a lasting positive impression.

In addition, foam packaging has the advantage of being lightweight and easy to handle, which makes it easier to transport and handle. With the Wetropa Group’s high-quality foam packaging, you can ensure that your cosmetic products are presented in the best possible way and impress your customers.

Are you interested in foam packaging?

Cosmetics – Sensitive products with protection requirements

Cosmetic products place high demands on packaging solutions. Cosmetics are often sensitive products whose functionality or effectiveness is jeopardized by incorrect storage or transport. Products from the cosmetics industry must be protected from the following influences:

  • Moisture
  • oxygen
  • UV radiation
  • Strong mechanical shocks

For this reason, functional cosmetics packaging and protective outer packaging are particularly important for the cosmetics industry.

Additional protective packaging made of functional foam is often required for the storage and transportation of cosmetics. This ensures that the cosmetic products remain free from external influences on their journey from production to sale.

Have individual cosmetics packaging produced by Wetropa

If you are looking for a safe, reliable and sustainable packaging solution for cosmetics, the Wetropa Group is the right partner for you. We develop individual foam packaging and inserts for your cosmetic products to enable attractive product presentation, efficient storage and safe transportation.

Contact the Wetropa Group using the contact form to arrange a non-binding consultation for your individual cosmetics packaging.



Is foam packaging suitable for the cosmetics industry?

Foam packaging is important in the cosmetics industry, as foam inserts are particularly suitable for the attractive presentation of cosmetic products. In addition, they can optimally protect sensitive cosmetic products from influences such as moisture, oxygen, UV radiation or strong mechanical shocks.


Can cosmetic packaging made of foam be customized?

Yes, foam packaging for the cosmetics industry can be customized. Different colors, shapes and the integration of logos or other branding can help to present the product and the brand convincingly and underline the desired appearance.

We make your packaging solutions more innovative and sustainable with ReFoam and RePaper

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