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Filling material

Filling material – additional protection in your packaging

Filling material plays a crucial role in the packaging industry. Its main function is to fill empty spaces in packaging in order to minimize the movement of products during transport and thus prevent damage caused by shocks or vibrations.

Filling material made from honeycomb panels for perfect performance

Filling material made from honeycomb panels absorbs shocks, enables spacing and helps to ensure that the goods reach the recipient in perfect condition. It is therefore indispensable for packaging sensitive items and goods that do not fit into standardized packaging due to their geometry.

There are a variety of materials that can be used as filling material, including paper or foam. Our particular focus is on filling material made from honeycomb panels. This natural material is characterized by its excellent impact resistance and is considered an extremely flexible option for filling cavities.

Filling material made from honeycomb panels is available from Wetropa in various qualities and thicknesses to cover different levels of protection. The material can be easily reused and is fully recyclable due to its gentle composition of pure paper and water-soluble glue, making it a sustainable option in the field of filling materials.

Functional system packaging with protective filling material

Filling material is an essential component of system packaging. It works together with other packaging elements such as cartons, inserts, cushioning materials and pallet lids to ensure comprehensive protection for the goods.

By integrating filling material into a system packaging solution, optimum cushioning and stability of the packaged products can be ensured throughout transportation. This is particularly important for fragile or high-value items, where any impact or shock can lead to damage.

Order versatile filling material from WERTOPA!

Filling material not only contributes to product safety, but also to professionalism and customer satisfaction, as it helps to keep products in perfect condition. Experience the potential of high-quality packaging with filling material from Wetropa. Get in touch with our packaging experts for a no-obligation initial consultation.

FAQ – frequently asked questions about filling material


Why is filling material important for shipping goods?

Filling material is crucial to protect products during transportation. It fills empty spaces in the packaging, minimizes the movement of the goods and absorbs shocks or vibrations, significantly reducing the risk of damage.


What are the advantages of honeycomb panels as a filling material?

Honeycomb panels as a filling material offer excellent shock absorption and, thanks to flexible sizes and thicknesses, optimum shape adaptation. Honeycomb panels are also extremely lightweight and can often be reused, making them a sustainable packaging option.