Foam inlays are individually manufactured inlays made of PE or PU foam for the best possible support of customer components. They provide order and clarity for cases, containers, drawers and ensure that the individual parts fit perfectly.

It is irrelevant whether your product is small, is made of expensive materials or requires ESD protection, for example. Between consecutive production processes, in internal logistics, for stowing, arranging and also presenting, it is essential that surface treated, painted and sensitive parts are well protected.

Our foam inlays in combination with our various foams offer the best possible protection. The basis for this protection and the exact fit are our CNC-controlled milling and water jet systems, which work out an extremely precise contour from the blank. So everything always remains securely in place.

packaging development

Based on the customer's specifications (component, product, etc.) and our know-how, we develop a foam inlay which is economical as well as optimised in terms of material and application - a customer-specific and individually adapted foam solution in a reusable system.
Therefore we create customized and individually adapted foam solutions in a reusable system. We also develop foam trays, foam inlays, compartments, contour parts, contour bars and much more for your existing small load carriers (SLC). Due to the high quality of the foams, we can guarantee a considerable number of utilisation cycles.


  • Für welchen Koffer oder Behälter?
  • Verwendungszweck?
  • Präsentationseinlage?
  • Werkzeugeinlage? usw...
  • Zweifarbig?
  • Beschriftet z.B. mit Logo?
  • Antistatisch (AS) oder elektrisch leitfähig (ESD)?


  • organized components or tools
  • clear overview
  • optimum hold of the components
  • optimum protection against dust, dirt and/or moisture
  • different design possible through colour design
  • made of 100 % recyclable foam possible

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