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Foam inlays

What are foam inlays?

Foam inlays are individually manufactured inlays made of PE or PU foam for the best possible support of customer components. They provide order and clarity for cases, containers, drawers and ensure that the individual parts fit perfectly.

It is irrelevant whether your product is small, is made of expensive materials or requires ESD protection, for example. Between consecutive production processes, in internal logistics, for stowing, arranging and also presenting, it is essential that surface treated, painted and sensitive parts are well protected.

Optimum protection thanks to high-quality CNC technology

Our foam inlays in combination with our various foams offer the best possible protection. The basis for this protection and the exact fit are our CNC-controlled milling and water jet systems, which work out an extremely precise contour from the blank. So everything always remains securely in place.

Advantages of foam inlays

Ordered components or tools

Clear overview

Optimal hold of the components

Optimal protection against dust, dirt and/or moisture

Different design possible through coloring

Made of 100% recyclable foam possible

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Further advantages


The protection of the items that are stored in the foam inserts should not be underestimated in any case. Individual inserts made of high-quality foam make it possible that tools and components are stored separately from each other, but take up very little space. This means that individual parts do not lie next to each other and do not touch each other. This in turn means that no damage can occur to the individual parts. In drawers and the like, sharp tools also tend to come into contact with each other, which can quickly result in scratches and other damage.


By storing the individual components and items, you and your employees get a perfect overview. Everything is always at hand and the fact that you no longer have to search for the required tool or item saves a lot of time. Of course, the work efficiency, which is significantly increased, should not be underestimated at this point. The two-tone design of the inserts also makes it easy to see when a tool is missing.


Foam inserts are available in many different variations. This means that they can be used both as tool inserts and as presentation inserts, as well as in many other areas. Of course, the individuality of our foam inserts plays into your hands and makes it possible to customize them perfectly.

Versatile in use

  • Perfect for tool storage
  • Ideal as presentation inlay
  • Versatile in use
  • Provides a perfect overview
  • Ensures high work efficiency
  • Saves time which would otherwise be wasted searching for tools and co.
  • Offers tools and co. very good protection
  • Space-saving
  • Individual and versatile in use

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Shadowboard – for a quick overview

A shadowboard provides the perfect overview: Tools, cooking utensils, medical equipment and much more can be stored clearly and compactly in such a foam insert. Here, the base and the top layer are usually designed in different colors. If a piece is missing, it is immediately noticeable due to the resulting “shadow”. At the same time, the foam provides the desired protection against scratches and other damage. Shadowboards can be made, for example, as suitcase inserts that allow for easy transportation.

In order to find the right solution for your product, we focus precisely on your individual requirements. Simply let us know which points your case inserts, tool inserts and the like must fulfill:

Contact us if you need individual foam inserts. Our team will be at your side to clarify all the important details in advance and find the perfect solution for your needs. We are also your contact for other foam packaging. We look forward to your inquiry!


  • For which case or container is the insert?
  • What is the intended use?
  • Presentation insert?
  • Tool inlay?
  • Should the insert be two-colored?
  • Should it be labeled, e.g. with your logo?
  • Does the foam insert have to meet certain requirements, such as being antistatic (AS) or electrically conductive (ESD)?

Packaging development

Based on the customer’s specifications (component, product, etc.) and our know-how, we develop a foam inlay which is economical as well as optimised in terms of material and application – a customer-specific and individually adapted foam solution in a reusable system.
Therefore we create customized and individually adapted foam solutions in a reusable system. We also develop foam trays, foam inlays, compartments, contour parts, contour bars and much more for your existing small load carriers (SLC). Due to the high quality of the foams, we can guarantee a considerable number of utilisation cycles.

The different foam inserts

Since the needs and requirements of our customers are very different, we offer a large number of different foam inserts, as well as quality and service and individual inserts tailored to your needs.

Tool inserts

they are designed to meet the many different needs of individual tools. They are a perfect fit and offer the stored tool not only optimal safety or excellent protection. Here, each tool gets its very own storage space, so that it is always ready to hand.

Suitcase inserts

Suitcases, no matter what kind, are often confusing and hardly offer the possibility to sort different parts and to get an overview. In addition, loose parts tumble quickly through each other, which not only leads to disorder. The collisions of the individual parts can quickly cause damage. With the right foam case insert, these problems are finally a thing of the past.

SLC case inserts

Especially some electrical components have many requirements regarding storage. The SLC inserts made of foam provide the perfect protection and also ensure the optimum hold. Here, too, we offer a wide range of diverse options for your needs and the optimal storage or safe transport of the individual parts.

Variations of the foam inlay

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