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Special packaging

No chance of corrosion – with foam!


Production sites near the coast, which have a high salt and moisture content in the air, overseas transports or even the storage of metallic parts only, cause the problem of corrosion. Components cannot be reused in this way!

The conventional process for protecting the components usually requires that they must be preserved after production, e.g. oiled, before they are packed and shipped. Finally, the components have to be de-oiled before further processing – usually very complex and cost-intensive!

Here is your simple, innovative solution!

In cooperation with INTERCEPT Protec® a common product was developed that works without chemicals, oils and other coatings:

The PU-Foam „Wetro-Corrotec“

The foam works similar to a magnet: The copper particles it contains are the first to react to the corrosion-causing elements from the atmosphere, actively bind these and neutralize the harmful gases in the immediate vicinity of the product. The result: flawless components that can be processed immediately without the need for time-consuming cleaning processes!


Innovative, because no chemicals, oils or other coatings are used.

Inlays are made of PE foam (standard material) and specifically supplemented with WETRO-CorroTec.

Protection period designed for 5 years – the colour of the foam changes when the protective effect is used up.

Multiple applications for the protection of tools, electronic components, storage of electronic and metallic spare parts, optics, photographic equipment, etc.

Can be integrated into existing packaging solutions, e.g. cases, cartons, suitcases or other airtight containers.

also available as electrically conductive foam (ESD)!

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Electrically conductive and antistatic foam packaging


Our special packaging is padded or transport packaging, which is equipped with additional protection: AS, ESD, scratch protection, anti-corrosion, … These packagings are able to balance electrostatic charge – while maintaining a high mechanical protection performance. Due to the dissipative properties of the foam packaging, static charging is avoided, which would result in a damaging discharge when grounded, e.g. by touching the product when unpacking it from the packaging. We use special antistatic and electrically conductive foams for these packaging-sensitive, electronic components, e.g. circuit boards, printed circuit boards etc., thus ensuring the best possible ESD protection in our foam packaging.

Variants of constructive foam packaging

We make your packaging solutions more innovative and sustainable with ReFoam and RePaper

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