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Wetro (SLC)


Small load carriers (SLC) are transport and storage boxes, originally standardised by the VDA for the automotive industry; they are now also very popular in other branches of industry due to their versatile application and use. SLC containers are usually available in the sizes 600 mm × 400 mm and 400 mm × 300 mm. SLCs are designed for the base areas 1200 mm × 800 mm (Euro pallet) and 1200 mm × 1000 mm (ISO).

Advantages of a SLC

low transport and storage volume

easy handling

rational storage and long service life

sustainable solution through multiple use


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SLC small load carriers – for large operations

The dimensionally stable small load carriers (SLC) can be space-savingly stacked and used several times and for all purposes. They remain stable even at extreme temperatures (-20° C and +100° C). They are ideal containers for storing or transporting solid or liquid materials and are universally applicable, especially in industry.


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