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Wetro (LLC)


Large load carriers (LLC) are grid boxes or transport systems with a standardised base pallet, foldable plastic ring and a cover. They show their optimum use in the safe and efficient transport of larger components.

Advantages of the LLC

spacious even for large volumes

volume reduced foldable

optimal storage and transport

easy handling


Sustainable solution through multiple use

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Large load carriers – precisely adapted to the application requirements

Adapted to the high demands of today’s storage and transport logistics, we develop efficient and surface-protecting load carriers for you, with the foam that is precisely adapted to your needs – so that your highly sensitive large loads can be transported safely. Through close cooperation between our customer service and construction departments, every project – from the first idea and requirement to the final product – is optimally designed to meet your needs, even if your product has an unusual shape or is very large and heavy.


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