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With contour bars made of foam, your packaged goods or components are picked up, fixed and secured precisely and at the specified distance. This is the ideal transport protection – your component remains in place (precisely fitting placement) and is secured against slipping and collision/scratching (spacers). Contour bars can be excellently attached to carrier plates and/or placed in plastic containers or small load carriers. Flexible use for automated processes or for transport. Contour bars are also used for CKD packaging.

Advantages of contour bars

Free form according to customer requirements or component

Can be used in container or on tray

2 and 3 dimensional cuts possible

Cost effective solution

Completely recyclable solution possible

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Packaging development

From simple to complex – flexible contour cuts of any size are possible. Contour bars are used in packaging concepts where high packing density of always identical or similar components is required. Very often unisex solutions are required where both left and right parts can be accommodated.

Important aspects

  • Existing SLCs / LLCs available?
  • Is a special box solution (SLC) required?
  • Components unshaped and/or bulky?
  • Parts are scratch-sensitive and fragile?
  • Components are surface-treated or chrome-plated?
  • Solution as tray desired?
  • Antistatic (AS) or electrically conductive (ESD)?
  • CKD packaging?

The use of foam toothed strips in custom-made packaging offers a wide range of advantages. The profiles guarantee precise spacing of parts and also enable them to be fixed in place on the conveyor belt during automated work processes. Made from PE or PU foam, they are also cost-effective to produce. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we produce foam toothed strips with dimensionally accurate shapes. We are also happy to produce free-form shapes at the customer’s request. Foam toothed strips are particularly popular in combination with plastic containers or small load carriers. They can also be designed as inserts in existing KLTs and GLTs, as well as in plastic containers.

Safe and cost-efficient – foam toothed strips

Safe foam toothed strips for sensitive packaged goods

Special packaged goods require special packaging. Custom-made toothed strips made of foam are ideal for transporting even sensitive goods safely and undamaged from A to B. Even bulky and bulky components are held securely in this way and fixed with a perfect fit. Scratch-sensitive and fragile products are optimally protected from collisions thanks to the insert in a foam toothed strip. Components with a refined or chrome-plated surface can also be stored and transported particularly gently in a packaging solution with foam toothed strips.

The wide range of possible applications and the specific material properties make foam the first choice in the world of packaging. Despite their low weight, foams offer optimum protection for the packaged goods as well as numerous design options. In addition to the classic version, Wetropa’s foam toothed strips are also available in a sustainable version. Our sustainable corporate philosophy focuses on the three aspects of reduce, reuse and recycle. We always develop packaging solutions such as foam toothed strips with the Reduce principle in mind by ensuring maximum material savings while maintaining the same functionality.

We manufacture sustainable packaging solutions from the foams in our ReFOAM product range, which are based on a closed-loop recycling system. The fully recyclable materials are made to a considerable extent from already recycled foam and impress with their first-class material properties. They are used in the production of functional toothed strips made of foam in order to keep the ecological footprint of the packaging as low as possible. Thanks to the high material and processing quality, our foam toothed strips can be used several times. They therefore fulfill all three Rs, which form the basis for sustainable management at Wetropa.

Sustainable dental splints – reusable packaging and recycled foams

Have foam dental splints made by a specialist

Wetropa’s high-quality and precisely processed foam toothed strips impress with their reliable performance and multifunctional application options. Depending on our customers’ requirements, we manufacture custom-made foam toothed strips reliably and on time. If you are interested in our foam toothed strips or have any questions about our materials and packaging types, please send us an inquiry.

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