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By a divider we mean packaging with dividing inserts that prevent goods from touching each other, i.e. separating them from each other. It is a packaging solution for the universal transport and protection of different components: Small parts as well as longer and larger parts are stored and transported safely and shockproof.


Universal packaging solution

Transport and protection of different components

Multiple use

Flexibel or rigid

Packaging development

Especially in the automotive industry, dividers are increasingly used. Due to the wide range of possibilities to place the dividers in different ways, the optimum divider can be developed for each product. Compartments can be individually adapted to the exact dimensions of any existing containers. The dividers impress with their simple placement and easy removal of the components.


  • Robust components?
  • Sensitive components?
  • Bulky?
  • Electrically conductive (ESD)?
  • Bonded or loosely inserted?
  • Logistical aspects (robot or manual assembly)?

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More structure and safety for your packaging solution

Compartments extend the functionality of every packaging container by cleverly dividing its surface area and thus preparing it for the transportation of several components. By separating individual components from each other, collisions and uncontrolled mixing during transportation are prevented.

Packaging with compartments therefore offers the greatest possible protection for the packaged goods. Sensitive and small objects as well as products with a finish are also optimally protected by dividing them into compartments.

From mesh shelf inserts to ESD compartments

Available in different versions, compartments cover a wide range of applications and price categories. In addition to classic compartments that are firmly glued to the container, there are also simple variants that are inserted loosely but still sit securely in the container. We also take logistical aspects such as the way in which the packaging is loaded into account when choosing the right design for your application.

Compartments are extremely stable and fulfill the purpose of structuring and dividing up the inside of a packaging container. Mesh compartments made of plastics such as PE can be used multiple times and can be made to exact dimensions. While classic bar compartments do not require an additional frame, frame compartments are also closed on the outside. Compartment inserts with handle removal offer an additional level of functionality.

Special ESD compartments also have special properties. They are used when electronic components, circuit boards and similar goods need to be packed and transported. The wide bars of these special compartments reliably separate the packaged goods from each other and offer optimum ESD protection.

Rigid or flexible – the right material for functional compartments

Depending on the area of application, Wetropa compartments are made from different materials, which can be either rigid or slightly flexible. Rigid materials such as hollow chamber and structured chamber panels are used for the compartments of our rigid WETRO Hard Bags. They are often used for the interior of KLTs, GLTs and SLTs.

In contrast, WETRO Soft Bags are made of flexible PE foam and therefore adapt to the shape of the packaged goods. This packaging solution with a compartment offers a protective alternative, especially for sensitive components. We also offer the option of manufacturing the compartment from a sustainable foam from our ReFOAM product range. These sustainable foams not only impress with their efficiency and performance, but are also part of a closed-loop recycling system in which recycled foams are used.

Made to measure – compartments as a needs-based packaging solution

As a universal packaging solution, compartments make the storage and transportation of a wide variety of goods more multifunctional. We manufacture compartments in individual dimensions so that the components can be optimally stowed. This ensures that each packaged component is optimally positioned and can be easily removed at a later date.

By customizing the grid structure, you can create space-efficient and particularly secure solutions. In this way, you pave the way for efficient and reliable transportation of your packaged goods.

Custom-fit compartments made by a specialist

Well-designed compartments make the application possibilities of packaging more multifunctional. Wetropa not only creates compartments for existing packaging, but also develops complete packaging solutions with compartments. In doing so, we realize the individual wishes of our customers and work reliably and on time.

A particular focus in the development and production of compartments is also on sustainability. We process ecological materials such as our ReFOAM materials into durable reusable packaging that is manufactured in a climate-neutral* way. Send us an initial inquiry if you are interested in our compartments for packaging.

Variants of the divider

We make your packaging solutions more innovative and sustainable with ReFoam and RePaper

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    *Climate neutrality for companies includes direct emissions caused within the company (electricity and heat generation, vehicle fleet, volatile gases) and indirect emissions from purchased energy, business travel and employee commuting. Other indirect emissions that occur outside the company in the manufacture of raw materials and preliminary products, external logistics and the use and disposal of products or other processes are not covered by climate neutrality.