By a divider we mean packaging with dividing inserts that prevent goods from touching each other, i.e. separating them from each other. It is a packaging solution for the universal transport and protection of different components: Small parts as well as longer and larger parts are stored and transported safely and shockproof.

Packaging development

Especially in the automotive industry, dividers are increasingly used. Due to the wide range of possibilities to place the dividers in different ways, the optimum divider can be developed for each product. Compartments can be individually adapted to the exact dimensions of any existing containers. The dividers impress with their simple placement and easy removal of the components.


Robust components?
Sensitive components?
Electrically conductive (ESD)?
Bonded or loosely inserted?
Logistical aspects (robot or manual assembly)?


  • universal packaging solution
  • multiple use
  • transport and protection of different components
  • flexible or rigid

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