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3 reasons why we rely on sustainable foam packaging

21 Sep 2022

Wetropa editorial team

Wetropa editorial team

Many sensitive products can only be safely packaged and transported from external influences using foam. Although the use of foam in packaging technology is a necessity, it does not necessarily have to go hand in hand with a poor eco-balance. Sustainable foam packaging combines maximum packaging protection with a high level of sustainability.

Sustainable packaging from Wetropa - our contribution to ecology

For many years now, Wetropa has been actively involved in the development and realization of sustainable foam packaging. Through constant optimization in the areas of materials, design and production, we succeed in effectively protecting the climate and curbing pollution of the environment by packaging waste. To this end, we are working on projects that are as innovative as they are practical. 

In this blog article, we give you an overview of the three most important reasons why the Wetropa Group relies on sustainable foam packaging and why you should also make use of these special packaging solutions in your next project.

Reason 1: Emerging plastic waste guidelines

Due to the urgency of the ecological crisis, an increasing regulation of products made of plastic is to be expected. In this context, packaging technology also plays a major role. Wetropa aims to be several steps ahead of the recommendations and guidelines in order to contribute to more sustainability on the one hand and to offer customers attractive packaging solutions that can be used in the long term on the other.

The use of sustainable foam packaging as an alternative to conventional packaging could also become more financially attractive for its users in the future. For example, system operators of recycling plants will be obliged to comply with specified recycling quotas. In most cases, this is accompanied by an adjustment of the fee system so that recyclable and sustainable packaging is charged at lower rates.

Reducing the complexity of materials, using biodegradable materials and recyclates, and using reusable packaging are also strategies that will in all likelihood become increasingly important in the future. With our sustainable foam packaging, we offer our customers not only a sustainable solution, but also an economical one.

Reason 2: Responsibility for people and planet

Wetropa is particularly concerned about acting responsibly and sustainably. The current developments around climate change and environmental pollution make it necessary to act quickly and, above all, also together. As a manufacturer of high-quality packaging solutions, we have a direct influence on shaping a sustainable economy. With the sustainable foams that we develop partly in-house and use to realize our packaging solutions, we succeed in making a valuable contribution to an ecological economy and environmentally friendly packaging.

For this reason, we consider it our duty to focus on sustainable alternatives, such as foam packaging. But that's not all, through projects that are as visionary as they are practical, such as the ReFOAM product range, we are also actively driving the development of innovative packaging made from sustainable foams. We would like to pass on our visionary philosophy to our customers with our sustainable foam packaging solutions, so that together we can contribute to a sustainable economy on earth for future generations.

At Wetropa, we not only live sustainability in our materials and packaging solutions, but also act in a particularly sustainable and responsible manner within the company. For example, the Wetropa Group has been the first carbon-neutral company in the foam processing industry for several years. 

On request, we can also deliver each of your projects in a climate-neutral manner. This is achieved by precisely determining the CO₂ emissions generated during the packaging manufacturing process. 

By supporting selected climate protection projects run by our partner ClimatePartner, the CO₂ emissions generated are neutralized and climate neutrality is certified. Together, we succeed in this way in making an effective contribution to climate-neutral business. We at Wetropa are very proud of this sustainable development.

Reason 3: Our own research and development department

Over the past decades, we have built up not only the expertise and know-how, but also the necessary modern infrastructure to develop sustainable foam packaging solutions in-house and produce them on a large scale. We place a special focus on working with recycled material: foam granulate. We process this further into new, sustainable packaging materials. The result is recyclable packaging materials such as the products in the ReFOAM range, which can be returned to the material cycle after use without any problems.

At Wetropa, research and development of sustainable foams for packaging technology goes hand in hand with the design of sustainable packaging forms. When designing our packaging solutions, we look for both a long service life and optimal material savings. Our in-house design experts bring the necessary know-how to optimize packaging of consistent quality from a sustainability perspective. In this way, sustainable use of foam packaging succeeds according to the principles of reduce and reuse. 


At Wetropa, we have recognized the great potential of sustainable foam packaging and prioritize sustainable solutions when designing packaging. One example is our special packaging design that saves material and weight. Another example is our sustainable product range ReFOAM, which includes a range of sustainable recycled materials.

With Wetropa at your side, the step to carbon neutrality in packaging is an easy one. We will be happy to provide you with the right environmentally friendly and CO₂-neutral packaging for your products. If you are interested in our services from consulting to the implementation of sustainable packaging solutions made of foam, do not hesitate and get in touch with our team of packaging specialists. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.

FAQ - frequently asked questions about sustainable foam packaging?

As a safe packaging material for sensitive products, foam is indispensable. However, while conventional foam packaging is a driver of environmental pollution and climate change, reusable packaging, recyclable foam and specially designed packaging solutions succeed in being responsible and sustainable.

Sustainable packaging succeeds in keeping the impact on the climate and the environment as low as possible. Reducing, reusing and recycling reduces the CO₂ footprint and minimizes the amount of foam disposed of.

Sustainable packaging can be solutions that are particularly lightweight and material-saving or that can be frequently reused thanks to their durability and dimensional stability. Foam packaging made from recycled granulate, which can itself be returned to the recyclable materials cycle, is also known in packaging technology as sustainable solutions.