What is packaging?

In any case versatile and suitable for various applications!
Whether for reception/storage, shipping, transport, protection or presentation... without packaging many products literally go to pieces.

The possibility to design a packaging is very individual and depends on its function. One thing is certain, the packaging solution - best possible made of foam or a mix of materials - must match the product or component to be packed, protected or presented.
Our packaging solutions made of foam are individually and precisely matched to your product/part/component.

  • - Cardboard boxes with and without filling materials e.g. chips made of foam
  • - Cardboard boxes with foam inserts
  • - Film packaging such as air chamber packaging
  • - Blister packaging
  • - Foam packaging for cardboard boxes, transport containers, crates, etc.
  • - Plastic container with foam packaging
  • - Wooden boxes with foam padding
  • - and many more

Packaging development

We, the WETROPA Group, are manufacturers of foam packaging. Of foam packaging that is individually tailored to your product.

Our technical designers find the right "suit" for every product - starting with the choice of the right foam. So the exact choice of the right foam for the right packaging of your product is important. The calculation of the required amount of posters is done by a professional software. When we come up with ideas for the right protection for your packaging, we look at the product and its requirements - and the desired requirements from you - our customer. Should we - despite clear specifications from our customers - nevertheless notice optimisation potential - we are not afraid to present it to you. The mix of requirements and creativity results in perfect packaging and/or perfect protection and/or presentation of your product.

Relevant factors

  • Is your product particularly sensitive to scratches?
  • Or very heavy?
  • Are the corners or tips sticking out?
  • ESD protection?
  • Antistatic equipment?
  • Corrosion protection?
  • Which shipping route is planned?
  • Disposable packaging?
  • Reusable packaging?
  • Shuttle pack?
  • What application does your product have?

Advantages of foam packaging in general

  • one-way or returnable packaging
  • light packaging
  • easy removal of the products
  • tailor-made suit for your product
  • optimum protection even for scratch-sensitive components
  • also in versions with special protection: ESD, AS, anti-corrosion
  • sustainable use already at the time of development
  • Packaging solution possible with 100% recyclable foam

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