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INDUSTRY 4.0 – Added value through digitalization

About 200 directors, production managers, IT-Managers and scientists came together in Darmstadt on 16. February 2016, under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs with the purpose of exchanging insights about challenges in connection with Industry 4.0 and benefiting from each other’s insights, while getting to grips with digitalization as an added value for a competitive advantage. IT FOR WORK initiated the conference “Medium-sized Enterprises 4.0” (KonM 4.0). The conference presented entrepreneurs the added value potential of leveraging the right amount of digitalization for their business using innovative Best-Practice-Examples and workshops.

Along with the event, Manuael Pistner, CEO at and Dirk Breitkreuz, CEO at WETROPA demonstrated plastic processing and gave a lecture about the creation of the platform. This independent marketplace provides the possibility to design individual foam inserts online and order them at low cost.

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