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“Waste Management Event” Sustainability Circle

20 Jun 2022

Wetropa editorial team

Wetropa editorial team

Can waste management in the foam industry work circularly? - YES!♻️

Currently, we are still in the early stages of establishing such a standard throughout the foam industry. For this reason, we are investing a lot of energy in the process of establishing such a circular economy in our industry.
Last Wednesday, we had the pleasure of welcoming the members of the Sustainability Circle to our premises on the subject of "Waste Management". There was a lively exchange about previous implementations and learnings as well as about hurdles in the circular economy process.
We were very pleased with the strong interest in our sustainability transformation and are very excited about the upcoming exchange rounds. Together we can move forward on the topic of sustainability and share mutual experiences.

Are you also looking for practical and effective solutions for more sustainability? Then come to the Sustainability Circle. You can find all the information and events here.