Here the question arises: "Presentation packaging or packaged presenting?! The answer: Why not both? A combination of aesthetic and protective packaging. This high-quality packaging is particularly impressive because of the individual design of the packaging, the special feel and lightness of the foam and the exclusive character.

packaging development

For a special presentation of the products, we develop a unique, high-quality presentation packaging in cooperation with the customer and under consideration of the specific characteristics of the product, which can also be provided with e.g. your company logo or slogan for special individualisation.


Which product(s)?
Special occasion?
Labelled with logo, text, etc.?
One or two-coloured?

Advantages of presentation packaging

  • precious optics
  • colour combinations in corporate colours possible
  • meets high optical and haptic requirements
  • design adapted to the product
  • 100% recyclable foam solution possible

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