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Laser marking (WBS)

The marking system of Wetropa

WBS – the laser marking system from Wetropa. Have your packaging or foam inlay marked:

  • with your logo
  • with your part numbers
  • your individual measurements
  • your text or
  • any other information you may wish to obtain

Due to the lasering into the foam, this marking is permanent and does not wear out – as would be the case with an imprint. PE and PU foams can be lasered.

ReTop – the sustainable top layer material

With ReTop, we have developed a new, sustainable top layer material. Previously, the covered material was not recyclable, which no longer meets our sustainability standards.

Our new top layer is a sustainable, non-crosslinked material that is 100% recyclable. It is also more durable than the old material. It can withstand the harsh conditions of industrial use, including resistance to oils and chemicals.

Advantages of WBS laser marking in combination with ReTop

More durable than a print

diverse design options

High quality design

No color residues for the recycling process

No outgassing and no discoloration of the printing inks

100% recyclable

Resistant to oils and chemicals

Sustainable without a price increase

Fast availability

packaging solution

Are you interested in our foam packaging?

Packaging development

On request, we can laser your individual design onto your product packaging. There are no limits to the design options.
Our experts at WETRO SCAN will be happy to advise you on your individual foam insert.

FAQ – frequently asked questions about ReTop


Can ReTOP be recycled in a closed loop?

ReTOP belongs to the ReFOAM product family and is therefore 100% recyclable in a closed-loop process.


Can the ReTOP top layer be labeled?

With our unique process, detailed objects can be mapped like a QR code.

We make your packaging solutions more innovative and sustainable with ReFoam and RePaper

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