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Arplank – The innovative foam material

19 Nov 2021

Wetropa editorial team

Wetropa editorial team

ARPLANK - 100% recyclable
ARPLANK® - The high-quality and sustainable packaging innovation

Partnership between JSP and WETROPA GROUP

+++ Mörfelden, 17.11.2020 +++
JSP International and WETROPA GROUP, headquartered in Mörfelden near Frankfurt, Germany, are pleased to announce their collaboration on the launch of the new foam material ARPLANK® for the European market. From January 2021, WETROPA GROUP will be JSP's partner for the launch of ARPLANK® in the DACH countries.

JSP International is a publicly traded company and has been a leader in the manufacture of high performance and lightweight plastic products for over 60 years. JSP's business activities are in line with WETROPA GROUP's values - care is taken to develop each product in a way that has minimal impact on the environment- sustainability and environmental issues are a big issue here. ARPRO, a bead foam solution made from expanded polypropylene, has long been the company's flagship product.

Now, JSP will launch ARPLANK®, a newly developed foam material, in January 2021. ARPLANK® is a high-quality, non-crosslinked EPE foam that is 100% recyclable and already made from 50% recycled material. Safety-wise, it has proven to be one of the most effective packaging materials and is also one of the most sustainable and lightweight alternatives compared to similar products available on the market.

It is therefore not surprising that WETROPA GROUP, which has specialized in foam processing since 1970, has chosen to partner with JSP. WETROPA GROUP, a leading German group of companies for innovative packaging development, with production sites near Frankfurt and Munich, supplies high-quality packaging solutions made of PE foam and a wide range of packaging products.

Aim of the partnership

The aim of this development step is to utilize the synergies of both companies. The group has the technology and expertise to develop innovative and optimal solutions with ARPLANK®. It is also planned to distribute the raw material via the WETROPA GROUP from January 2021.

The positive physical properties, such as the novel geometry of the cell structure of ARPLANK®, enable WETROPA to reduce the size and volume of a package by up to 30-50% while maintaining its protective performance. This means not only saving material costs, but also reducing packaging volume. "In addition, the application possibilities are limitless, and the special quality of the material makes it highly modular," explains Dirk Breitkreuz, managing director of WETROPA-GROUP. He sees the new material being used in load carriers, CKD packaging, structural packaging, inserts and also die-cut products. Another advantage is that the material does not outgas and is odorless.

What continues to distinguish the partnership are the like-minded corporate values and beliefs of both companies. Since 2019, WETROPA has been a carbon neutral company and, just like JSP, is committed to the environment and sustainability. Every product from WETROPA can be delivered climate neutral, so the customer can also optimize his CO² balance and benefit.