WETROPA is now a member of the IHK – General Assembly

The entrepreneurs from the region Darmstadt Rhine Main Neckar elected Dirk Breitkreuz for 5 years into the general assembly.

The following subjects are of the highest priority for Dirk Breitkreuz:

Connecting and strengthening of small and medium-sized enterprises in the region as well as supporting and training unskilled employees within the industry.

Quick expansion of the high-speed network as the location conditions require desperate involvements.

The IHKs need to work together to increase their influence on state and national level. Politics fund the major industrial enterprises to promote themselves, but the true engine of the German economy are the small and medium-sized enterprises. The IHKs need to ensure that the small and medium-sized enterprises are appreciated with even greater support, especially within bureaucratic affairs.

In general, the IHK Darmstadt Rhine Main Neckar is committed to the following goals:

  • Collectively identify, develop and communicate the positions of the southern Hesse economy within the areas of industrial, research and university politics.
  • Integrating the economy into the marketing technology location of southern Hesse in collaboration with the location marketing committee.
  • Developing IHK Darmstadt as the economic mouthpiece for innovative future-oriented subjects.
  • Increase awareness of “innovative subjects” within member companies.
  • Further development of subjects related to regional technology transfers
  • Support of the IHK Darmstadt, especially within the innovation business division to help develop services, offers and programs.