Whether foam inserts, load carriers or any of our individual packaging solutions – the production of foam packaging generates unavoidable CO² emissions.

As your partner for foam packaging, Wetropa feels it has a responsibility to make its contribution to neutralize these CO² emissions and to make the company more sustainable in accordance with “avoid, reduce, neutralize”. Economic, ecological and social sustainability is very important to us and is lived by us. Already in 2013 the company was certified according to ISO 14001.


Companies, processes and products whose CO² emissions have been calculated and offset by supporting internationally recognised climate protection projects are considered to be climate neutral. Besides avoidance and reduction, the compensation of CO² emissions is a further important step in holistic climate protection. Greenhouse gases such as CO² are evenly distributed in the atmosphere, so the concentration of greenhouse gases is about the same everywhere on earth. Therefore it is irrelevant for the global greenhouse gas concentration and the greenhouse effect at which place on earth emissions are caused or avoided. Emissions that cannot be avoided locally can therefore be offset by climate protection projects at another location.


We avoid and reduce…

Through continuous process improvement and optimization of the material usage already during the development of our foam packaging (waste avoidance), an uneconomic use of resources is avoided. Through the reduced, but nevertheless optimal use of materials, your packaging is produced taking sustainability factors into account.

We neutralize…

…by supporting climate protection projects through ClimatePartner!
The carbon dioxide formed by technical processes is problematic for our climate, as it cannot be neutralized by nature in the quantities produced. We, as a company, make our contribution to nature by neutralizing the CO² generated by our processes by supporting a climate protection project.

The economic viability of the company is not disregarded here.
Social sustainability with regard to the continued existence of the company, job security and an ethically impeccable and reliable environment for our employees and customers is already one of our focal points.

The basis is the greenhouse gas balance. Here the CO² drivers in the company are identified and reduction potentials are derived. Emissions that cannot be avoided in the short term can be offset by the ClimatePartner process certified by TÜV-Austria by supporting recognized climate protection projects.


Production of our raw materials
(production material, packaging material, auxiliary and operating materials)

Vom Lieferanten zur Produktion
(LKW, Bahn, Schiffstransport, Flug)

Energieverbrauch in der Produktion und Verwaltung
(Strom, Prozesswärme, Verwaltung, Geschäftsreisen, Mitarbeiteranfahrt)

von der Produktion zum Kunden
(LKW, Bahn, Schiffstransport, Flug)


The result of our CO2 emissions we get in a

Carbon footprint.

This is the starting point for our further activities in environmental protection.

Here we support various climate protection projects at ClimatePartner.


Climate protection projects demonstrably save greenhouse gases and make an important contribution to combating global warming. They also promote sustainable development in the project countries, for example by improving the supply of clean drinking water, expanding local infrastructure, creating jobs or protecting biodiversity.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations provide a globally recognised benchmark for measuring these positive effects. These 17 goals include, for example, the fight against poverty and hunger, the promotion of education and the worldwide distribution of clean and affordable energy. Each climate protection project from the ClimatePartner portfolio contributes to several of these goals. To make this effect visible, ClimatePartner shows the contribution of individual projects to the various SDGs for each project. This allows you to see which other goals the projects support in addition to climate protection.


ClimatePartner is a leading solution provider in climate protection for companies. ClimatePartner supports more than 1,000 companies in calculating and reducing CO2 emissions and enables them to offset unavoidable emissions through a wide range of climate protection projects. In this way, products, services and companies become climate-neutral.

To this end, ClimatePartner develops its own exclusive climate protection projects and cooperates with a worldwide network of partners to also offer recognised climate protection projects with different technologies, regions and additional social effects.

ClimatePartner is regarded as the inventor of the process for climate-neutral print products and has contributed to the creation of ISO 16759 for the CO2 balancing of print products. ClimatePartner ensures transparency through a clear labeling system in conjunction with a TÜV-Austria-certified IT solution.

ClimatePartner was founded in Munich in 2006 and today has 40 employees at locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and more than 1,000 customers. The company works closely with environmental associations and provides experts on various international committees.

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