The solution for clear suitcase contents, tidy drawers and small load carriers!

Do you know this problem?

Ausgangssituation: Unordnung in der Schublade

Disorder in the drawer

Long search for a suitable tool

Unstructured work

Chaos and confusion in the case

Unprotected products

The products fall about, get damaged


Here ist the solution

With the ToolScan app your smartphone becomes a mobile object scanner! Download this free application simply from the respective App Store and photograph your subject. Then ToolScan automatically digitizes the created picture and generates a matching contour

for further use in FoamCreator. You need nothing but a tape measure and save valuable time in digitizing your products. To quickly and effectively build your own database and unlimited usage.

Schritt 1

Mobiler Objektscanner Toolscan-App Schritt 1

Fotograph object

Schritt 2

Mobiler Objektscanner Toolscan-App Schritt 2

Upload picture

Schritt 3

Mobiler Objektscanner Toolscan-App Schritt 3

Check recognized contour

Schritt 4

Mobiler Objektscanner Toolscan-App Schritt 4

Add informations and save in personal profile


Quickly and easily create your custom foam insert and determine size, material and color of the insert. Effortlessly customize your foam insert and use outlines for brand tools from our database or use your scanned objects from the scan tool. Next step is to determine the location and arrangement of the individual

tools or products – FoamCreator helps. You can incorporate handholds, as well as your individual laser marking – Multifaceted possibilities are open to you. You can see the finished product on screen and after your approval you will receive your personal deposit comfortably by parcel service.

FoamCreator Editoransicht einer Werkzeugeinlage


Enter the dimensions for your custom insert and select the desired foam color. In the online configurator, you can then place your contour by drag and drop.

FoamCreator Editoransicht einer GoPro Schaumstoffeinlage

Choose from different case-types and place your contour in any position.


You have order and cleanliness in the workplace

Your workflows are structured

You immediately recognize a missing tool

Everything is at hand

Your products are protected and conserved

Everything is well ordered

No more lengthy searches

In short, you are better organized!