Transport & Device Packaging

Perfectly protected goods with Wetropa transport packaging

No matter how sensitive or valuable your device is, it needs to arrive intact and fully functional at the customer or the operation site. With our Wetropa foam solutions, we provide the right support for the client in this critical matter.

Our developed transport packaging is perfectly adjusted to your requirements and products. Our foam provides protection and stability whether it’s for measuring or control devices, IT-Hardware, medical equipment or other highly sensitive devices in any size and shape. By working with you, we will develop the perfect solution for your packaging problem. You will receive your ideal foam packaging, whether device-, transport- or cushion packaging.

Transportverpackung eines Gerätes aus weißem PE-Schaum bzw. PE-Schaumstoff

System Packaging

INTEGRATED SOLUTION adjusted to your packaging requirements

For every client, we will create a specifically tailored packaging concept. All important factors such as the size, weight and sensitivity of the freight will be taken into consideration. Additionally, we will also bear our clients logistics and internal production processes in mind.

Whether it’s well-established or innovative foam materials – we will reliably ensure an optimal quality of your packaging, with the use of constant tests and quality controls, be it for reusable or cushion packaging or others. Furthermore, we continue to further develop our packaging solutions, especially through exchanging ideas and working closely with our customers.

Berechnete Systemverpackung aus PE-Schaumstoff zum Transport eines Dialysegerätes

Cushion Packaging

Individually adaptable packaging solutions for your product

With our cushion packaging, you will receive maximum security for your products, with minimal material requirements. Our development team solely uses the most recent CAD-Software. With your help, we are able to create new economical foam packaging again and again.

These solutions are safe, easy to handle and space efficient as well as inexpensive. The cushions within the foam packaging can be further adjusted specifically to your requirements. Transport safety within every product category, shape and size can be guaranteed with our device packaging, using various foams like Ethafoam, Synergy, Sratocell, Alveobloc, Plastazote, Nopaplank, Polylam or Basotec.

Moreover, no set lot sizes have to be ordered. Our packaging development will be available equally for large orders as well as small batch production.

Kaffeevollautomat mit Polsterverpackung aus PE-Schaumstoff | Schaumpolster Verpackung | Individuelle Verpackung

Stamped Packaging

Inexpensive packaging solutions made from various foams

The area of application is the serial production of e.g. seals, inserts and various foam packagings. Stamped parts are inexpensive as well as easy packaging solutions and can be produced in all desired foam materials.



Space-saving und individually adaptable packaging solutions

Packing different sized products in the same cushion? With the use of the “accordion” effect ,this is no problem for the stamp-fold-packaging. This kind of foam packaging will be individually adapted to the specific product and thus be able to reduce your transport and storage volume – then it will only be “opened” once it has reached the place of use.

Stanz-Klapp-Verpackung aus Schaumstoff