Milling Inserts

Individually adapted foam solutions for your Small Load Carriers (SLC)

Every single one of your sensitive products has to cope with production and transport. It is irrelevant if your product is small, made of expensive materials or requires ESD-protection. It is essential that surface-treated, lacquered or sensitive components are sufficiently protected in-between consecutive production processes or within the internal logistics. Our milling inserts allow an optimal protection in connection with our various foams, such as Ethafoam. The foundations for this protection lie within our CNC controlled mills which mill out extremely precise contours in the blank. This ensures that everything remains on the spot.

Therefore, we design customer specific and individually adapted foam solutions within reusable designs. We are also able to design foam trays, inlets, contoured parts, toothed strips and much more for already existing small load carriers. Due to the high-quality of our foam, we can guarantee a considerable number of usage cycles, thus enabling you to save money.

Tool Inserts

Highest possible individualization of your tool inserts using two colored foams

Be it the automobile, aviation, watch or jewelry industry: to be able to professionally use tools within the production, they have to be arranged usefully, clearly and within easy reach. In this regard our tool inserts perform the best. We are able to achieve the highest possible individualization with the optional two colored insert design. Thus, you have an immediate overview and can see whether your tools are complete and in the right order.

The tools of many well-known manufacturers are available within our database. This enables us to quickly and flexibly produce corresponding tool inserts for you. Also, tool insert adaptations by acclamation and the use of various foams are possible without any problems.

Inserts for Small Load Carriers (SLCs)

Individual foam insert solutions for your Small Load Carriers

Do you have tool cabinets, cases, transport containers, small load carriers or similar? We are able to equip these with milled foam inserts, foam trays or toothed strips according to your specification. Size, shape as well as foam quality will be optimally adjusted towards the packaging solutions requirements. Our development team continuously tries to optimize our foam solutions to guarantee the highest possible packaging quality and safety.

Case Inserts

Sales promotion and transport protection with Wetropa foams

With precisely produced foam inserts it is possible to transport as well as protect your products and additionally also present them in an even more sophisticated manner. This promotional presentation along with the transport protection creates an additional value for your product. Moreover, if you would like to add optical or creative highlights you can choose between various types of foams with all kinds of colors. Thereby, our packaging development team is continuously looking for the latest trends and developments in foam.