An interesting project
      for artist Ottmar Hörl

To mark the 200th birthday of Richard Wagner, countless Wagner figures accompanied the Wagner-festival 2013 and the city center of Bayreuth. The public and freely accessible installation consisted of 500 Richard Wagner figures in different colors. The 102cm high sculptures made of weather-resistant, unbreakable, non-toxic free plastic were manufactured on a rotating basis in Germany.

The Wetropa Group was approached with the following tasks:
The foam packaging used so far could not provide adequate protection. Many sculptures were damaged after transport, particularly the hands or fingers were affected and broken off. The figures had to be easy to package and the package shouldn’t be too heavy.

Our design department developed a transport packaging system, with which the characters could be transported easily and without harm. Arms and hands were especially secured – all the sculptures reached their destinations unscathed.

Excerpt from an interview

Concentrated in one place or distributed in the urban space, my installations become tangible obstacles. You want to trigger a reflection, a moment of pause. Thus, my intended communication with society would be triggered. The sequel, personal intensification or review of my artistic offer remains to each individual. Thus, the temporary presence and the dissolution of the installation are an important part of my concept. Whats left are impressions, images of an intervention which changed the cityscape temporary and interrupted everyday life. ” (Ottmar Hörl)