Social Engagement

Environmental Protection

A responsible approach to our environment and the preservation of nature is very important to us. The first step was the certification of our environmental management system years ago, which is firmly integrated in our daily production routine.

Another step is the targeted support of the marine conservation project

“Stop the flood of plastic” of the WWF.

In every square kilometer of the sea, hundreds of thousands of pieces of microplastic and plastic waste are floating today. Mainly plastic is entered from land by rivers into the oceans. This happens especially in those countries where the collection and recycling of waste does not work properly. One focus is on the countries of Southeast Asia. The WWF is active as an international organization in these countries and works in numerous projects on solutions to curb the pollution of the oceans and to stop the flood of plastic.

The support comes with two initiatives:

  • Christmas 2018 with the campaign “donations instead of gifts”

  • WWF funding program for the year 2019

We are happy to contribute to clean oceans and their inhabitants.