WETROPA-MST strives to produce the best possible quality. For this purpose, all our processes are carried out according to norms and officially recognized standards.

We are certified according to the following standards:

 Group Policy

Quality is our special obligation and responsibility to our customers. High customer satisfaction is always the focus of our work. Constantly developed product and service concepts are our most important cornerstones.

We would like to convince our customers with our high-quality products, services and a fair price policy. In this way, we ensure a lasting customer loyalty to our company.

Only when we are able to work in a team-oriented manner and to provide services that always meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and thus fulfill our own corporate philosophy, we are competitive.

For us, quality means cultivating a corporate culture that is characterized by common values ??and goals. These are primarily personal motivation, cooperation and an open and fair behavior in dealing with each other.

We want to define, improve and implement our internal processes together. Customer requirements are to be determined in detail, conscientiously audited, documented and fulfilled, as well as additional applicable internal and external requirements. In this way, we want to avoid errors instead of correcting them later. Good relationships with our customers and suppliers are of great importance to us!

We avoid unnecessary mistakes by looking ahead and acting. Cleanliness at the workplace and in the entire company guarantee fault-free and safe work.

Through continuous improvement of our quality management system and promotion of the consciousness, we achieve a constant improvement and stability of our processes.

Our Vision

Actively contributing to our customers sussess!

This is the motivation of the WETROPA GROUP team.

That this vision leads to success is due to our own enthusiasm
for superior customer service, constant innovation and exceptional

Because we’re only satisfied, when you are!

Environmental and Occupational Safety Policies

We strive to create an environmentally friendly and occupationally safe product production and process development. Thus, all relevant environmental and occupational safety policies, laws as well as regulations are met. To ensure this, all environmental and occupational safety actions, as well as goals, are checked on a regular basis and necessary improvements measures are implemented in case of deviations. All employees receive the ability to act responsibly with the help of information and training and are obligated to comply with the environmental and occupational safety policies. Continuous improvement is our permanent goal within all areas of environmental and occupational safety policies. We openly communicate with authorities, clients, suppliers as well as the public and consider suggestions from interested parties within our planning process.
Environmental requirements for suppliers and contractors

We are striving for environmentally friendly solutions within our product production and processes development. Thus, saving resources and preserving the environment are a constant focus of ours. As we are acting within all relevant legal guidelines we expect similar behavior from our suppliers and contractors. The most recent safety data sheets, as well as usage guidelines, will be automatically attached to all deliveries.


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REACH – Regulation

The European Chemicals Agency published an SVHC-List on the 17.12.2015, which added five additional substances to the particularly concerning substances. At this moment in time, we have no knowledge of our pre-suppliers that substances listed within the SVHC-List according to the REACH-Regulation are contained within our products in a higher percentage than 0,1%. We will inform you immediately if any developments have an influence on our delivered products and thus follow our obligation in regards to the sharing of information within the delivery chain in regards to article 33 of the REACH-Regulation.

We hope to provide you all the necessary information. For further questions, please contact Mr. Markus Schwaben, your REACH contact at WETROPA.

See also:  REACH-Regulation (PDF)

Confirmation of ROHS-Conformity EU-Guidelines 2011/65/EU

Download: Confirmation of ROHS-Conformity EU-Guidelines 2011/65/EU